Zeta Base Grips - Rally - Black

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Fits every field of touring and sports riding.

  • Base grip comes with soft compound tubes, great to use for long distance ride and rally touring.
  • Larger diameter with soft tube grip is great for stability and easing vibration.
  • Unique patten on the tube provides better grip even when covered in mud and water.
  • Outer tube can be installed with wire or glue on base grip.
  • 2 pieces outer tubes for easy installation. One tube comes with 2 safety wiring grooves for secure fitment.
  • Available open-end design, replacement tubes are available.
  • Length : 116mm, Flange: 57mm , Grip Diameter :33mm(When the clutch is installed.).

* Touring rally type replacement tube can be attached to the base grip (slim).

* It can be used as SLIM GRIP when removed soft compound tube.