Givi E41 Monokey Side Case (single) or top box

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** No longer in production, only limited stock of left-hand cases remains. These can be used as either a pannier or as top case on any Monokey pannier or top box rack. **

Attaching using Givi's Monokey system, the E41 can be both locked/unlocked and removed completely with one twist of a key. The E41 "keyless" cases have a supplementary lid equipped with a combination lock so that a panel can be opened while still on the bike without the contents falling out.

  • 41 litre volume
  • Holds up to two helmets
  • Length 575mm
  • Height 433mm
  • Width 290mm

These cases are no longer availble from Givi, but we still have some spare parts and accessories. Parts diagram is in the downloads resource section.