Givi standard lock sets - red

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Givi Z140R / Z227 / Z228 / Z1382 lock set and keys (2 mm)

Givi Z-series lock sets include 2 keys per lock cylinder to re-key select Givi cases. The kits are easy to install using a small screwdriver. Keys are red and the lock cylinder housings are black.

B33 Monokey / Monolock Topcases
B34 Monolock Topcases
B360 Monolock Topcases
B37 Monolock Topcases
B47 Blade Monolock Topcases
CY14 Topcases
CY25 Topcases
E21 Cruiser Side cases
E22 Cruiser Side cases
E260 Monolock Topcases
E26 Monolock Topcases
E300 Tour Monolock Topcases
E30 Monolock Topcases
E340 Vision Monolock Topcases
- E350 Flow Monolock Topcases
- E35 Traffic Monolock Topcases
E360 Monokey Top / Side Cases
E36 Monokey Top / Side Cases
E38 Monokey Top / Side Cases
E41 Monokey Side Cases
E450 Monolock Top Cases
E45 Monokey Top Cases
E460 Monokey Top Cases
E470 Simply Monokey Top Cases
E36NA Monokey Top / Side Case


Givi Z661 lock set with red key (2.5 mm)

Replacement lock cylinder and key to re-key single specific Givi cases.

- E52 Maxia 2 Monokey Top Cases
E55 Maxia 3 Monokey Top Cases
- V35 Monokey Side Cases
V46 Monokey Top Cases

Blank key also available