Michelin Commander 3 Tyre - Cruiser Range

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Michelin Commander 3 - Cruiser

Unparalleled preformance, Unrivaled durability.

  • Michelins legacy continues with a new level of preformance and unmatched durability for cruiser and touring riders.
  • Delivering even more wet grip than the Michelin Commander 2 tyre, the industry's long-time benchmark.
  • The distinctive tread patterns and patented velvet sidewall desgins enhance the styling of V-Twin motorcycles.
  • Streaks in the bottom of sculpture for releif and depth impression.
  • 100% silica rubber compound for better wet grip and more safety.
  • A new mold profile that optimizes the contact patch for a better homogenous pressure on the ground.
  • Amplified density technology - Highly dense, more ridged tyre casing designed to boost feedback and deliver better handling.
  • Amrid tread piles in the rear tyre resist centrifugal growth and reduce weight, for better stability even at highway speeds.