ONEAL Prodigy Reflexx Pants - Black/Neon Red (Adult)

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Racing Technology

With 50 years of racing technology and development, the Prodigy line is the most technically advanced gearset with race-inspired graphics and features based on the needs of riders like Dean Wilson and Alex Ray.

The Prodigy line is the pinnacle of the 50 years of hard work and dedication to providing our riders with the best out there. Superior materials give unsurpassed freedom of movement, while 4-Cell and intake vents work to keep you cool in the most severe conditions.  Whether on the track or out in the backcountry, a Prodigy gear set will be a comfortable, yet durable addition to your arsenal.


  • A Limited Edition tribute to our 50 years of product technology 
  • Durable and lightweight denier fabrics with carefully integrated stretch panels 
  • Ergonomic pre-curved leg design conforms to the ideal riding position 
  • Lightweight rubber patches at knee with integrated air-intake for cooling 
  • 360-degree adjustable belt keeps pants in place 
  • 50-year Silicone printing on the inner waistband with soft feel technology 
  • Genuine Drum Dyed leather inner knee protection, with padded knee area 
  • 900 denier rear saddle with Quilted cross-stitched seat padding for added comfort and grip 
  • Triple stitched in critical areas for durability 
  • Unique 50-year leather and 3D brand incorporation 
  • Ultra soft no pull half liner, stops at the knee – 4-way-stretch knees with 2-way stretch calves, sized for knee brace compatibility 
  • Silicone Lined edge, laser cut perforation in critical areas keeping you cool and dry