Other Kawasaki screens: models up to 650cc

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We have a wide range of screens available for many makes and models, not all are shown here. Check the My Motorcycle section of the Givi website to see options for your bike, and contact us for pricing and availability.

The product list below is sorted by engine size. Some screens require a specific fitting kit (sold separately), which will be mentioned in the description if needed. If you would like more information on a particular screen, please get in touch.

If you can't see a screen to suit your bike, take a look at the universal screen options from Givi. Some specific Kawaski options are:

ER-6N (2009-2011):
GS 247 + A448A 
- Universal airstar screen plus specific fitting kit for Kawasaki ER-6N '09-'11.  Available in Smoke (247A) & Black (247N).  Dimensions 29cm x 28.5cm (h x w).

ER6N / ER6F 650 (2005-2008):
GS 245N or GS 246G730 or GS 246N902 + GS A445A
- Universal screen plus specific fitting kit for Kawasaki ER6N / ER6F 650 '05-'08

Note: prices displayed for out of stock items may vary from current pricing. Please enquire for latest pricing and delivery times.