Arai SAI Pinlock Visor & Pinlock Inserts

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Pinlock is the best anti-fog solution for helmet visors according to many tests in motorcycle magazines worldwide.

That is why helmet manufacturers such as Shoei, Arai, HJC, Schuberth and many more are supplying their helmets standard with the Pinlock Original.

This anti fog insert lens is now available for more than 170 helmet types.

Unique Pinlock features:

  • Interchangeable insert lens
  • 100% UV protection
  • Easy to clean and to apply
  • Insert lens is made of porous, moisture absorbing material (available in clear, dark tint, yellow and light tint - see Standard Pinlock Insert for SAI faceshields catalogue entry)
  • Double visor system with an airtight chamber offering enhanced fog resistant properties

The visors listed below (in clear, dark and light tint) fit the following Arai model helmets:

  • Corsair-V
  • RX-Q
  • Defiant
  • Vector II

DKS054 SAI Insert for Arai SAI faceshields: Corsair-V, RX-Q, Defiant and Vector-2

Available in:

  • Clear Normal - AH-PL000041
  • Lightly Tinted (Sunny Weather) - AH-PL000045
  • Dark Tinted (Intense Sunshine) - AH-PL000043
  • Yellow (High Contrast Vision) - AH-PL000044

NOTE : You must purchase the visor and pinlock inserts individually, They do not come together.