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The Ultimate New Hearing Protection!

It is common knowledge among experienced riders: you need good quality hearing protection.

Exposure to noise levels of 95 to 105 decibels, quite common during motorcycle riding can, after a short period of only fifteen minutes, cause permanent hearing damage.

Hearing protection is very efficient in preventing this hearing damage, but only when the fit and material used is of excellent quality.

This is where Pinlock Earplugs excel. Pinlock has developed this new innovative hearing protection especially for motorcycle use.

The Pinlock Earplugs differ from universal type hearing protection in the clever way the integrated precision filters bring the wind noise while riding to a safer level, without causing a muffled or unnatural hearing experience.

This advanced filter allows normal conversation without filtering important traffics sounds like sirens, horns and approaching vehicles.

The new Pinlock Earplugs come as a complete set with two different sized plugs to offer a custom, all-day comfortable fit to almost every rider and Pinlock Earplugs will stay fixed when the helmet is put on or taken off.

Absolutely silicone free material is used to prevent allergic reactions.

The Pinlock Earplugs are washable and packed in a convenient hard-case which not only keeps your Pinlock Earplugs free from dirt and debris, but also serves as a key and card holder


  • High Performance - Noise reduction rate up to 24dB (ANSI and ECE certified)
  • Convenient - Can be used in combination with an intercom system
  • Comfortable - The filters of the earplugs allow air-flow into the ear minimizing irritation and avoiding a blocked feeling of the ears
  • Balance - Unlike disposable earplugs, the Pinlock® Earplugs do not affect the balance of the motorcyclist
  • Perfect Fit - Two sizes included, to ensure a perfect fit for every motorcyclist
  • Safety - The earplugs have a filter that filters wind and motorcycle noise down to a safe level while still allowing conversation and emergency sirens into the ear.
  • Long Lasting - Reusable, fully washable tips and filters 

Comes with a unique case with key and card holder