Regina Chain - Cross Supermotard (RX3 and RH2)

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Designed to ensure high resistance to elongation and to the severe impulsive stresses caused by off-road racing. Extended bushings and solid rollers, carbon alloy steel pins, and shot-peened plates offer increased tensile strength and fatigue resistance. RX chains feature shaped bushings and special “X” chromized alloy carbon steel pins, together with special bevelled plates to provide sure engagement in the most severe off-road applications.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In many cases, Regina chain is stocked in bulk and can be cut to length. If the length you require is showing not in stock, we will be happy to cut your chain for you.
JOINING LINKS: All pre-cut chaings come with at least one appropriate style joining link - sometimes multiple options. If you require extra, or alterntative style joining links, please see the bulk chain listings.


-- RX3 --
RX3 chain features the special Shaped Bushing which eliminated the “barrel” effect that occurs when a standard bushing is assembled. The result is full contact between bushing and pins along the entire length, with a subsequent reduction in specific contact pressure and hence, reduction in wear.

RX3 chain also features Chromized Pins for an exceptional pin surface hardness to maximise wear resistance as well as enhanced pin core strength to guarantee outstanding shock resistance.