Renthal Top Clamps

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Complete assembly - 1-1/8" (28.6mm) diameter.

OEM position.

Top Clamp Features

  • Top clamp is designed to combine the highest strength with the lowest weight by utilising 7075 T6 solid billet aluminium alloy
  • The Triple top clamp is CNC precision machined and anodised to prevent corrosion
  • Black 15 step anodised finish for increased durability
  • Two years of factory testing

Bar Mount Features

  • Available with optional offsets and heights, this allows for a wide range of adjustment for a personalised riding position
  • CNC precision machined from 6082 T6 solid billet aluminium alloy and 15 step anodised to prevent corrosion
  • Handle bar clamping surfaces are finished machined with a TIN coated ball nose cutter to ensure a perfect fit. This reduces the possibility of handlebar movement
  • Clamp bolts are CNC machined from resulphurised manganese molybdenum 606M 36 steel. After machining the bolts are hardened and tempered to a grade "W" strength. This corresponds to an ultimate tensile strength Rm of 1075-1225 N/mm2, or 70-80 Ton.in2
  • To eliminate the chance of bolt failure, the unique bolt head has been designed with a part hemispherical seating and blended radius shank. It is plated and de-embrittled to resist corrosion and a stainless steel sellock pin prevents rotation with tightening.