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FS 365 Complete Bike Protector: Award-winning spray-on solution from Scottoiler, specially formulated to stop corrosion and make cleaning and maintaining your bike super easy.

  • Water-based corrosion inhibitor.
  • The water content carries it to all the hard to reach places on the bike.
  • The water content evaporates leaving a film of protection on all surfaces.
  • Formulated using mild alkalis and PH buffers that work to balance out the acidic elements.
  • Continued use makes cleaning the bike easier and builds up a layer of protection.
  • Available in 250ml or 1litre bottles

Click here to read more about how the FS 365 Complete Bike Protector works.

FST52 Cleaner Degreaser: An environmentally friendly, bio-degradable cleaning solution. Suitable for mechanical and electromechanical cleaning and degreasing, FST52 has been developed specifically to offer high performance while also being safe to use. Its superior cleaning performance deals with the most difficult to remove, 'baked on' heavy dirt and grease. It is the perfect partner for FS 365 Complete Bike Protector. Available in a 500ml bottle.