Suzuki GSX-R600 2011-14 - Yoshimura Camshafts ST-R Type-S

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Our camshafts are Made in Japan from premium materials. Our cams are precision ground from billet blanks using high-tolerance equipment, not welded and reground. When performance counts, trust Yoshimura.

  • Camshafts w/ adjustable sprockets
  • Requires Tappet Shim (Stock engine uses approximately T=1.50mm Tappet Shim. Yoshimura ST-R Type S camshaft requires approximately 1mm thicker one.)
  • [Suzuki Genuine Tappet Shim] : Every 0.05mm available from 2.00mm to 3.00mm. 12892-05C00-200 (2.00mm) -300 (3.00mm) Last 3 digits express thickness.


  • Type: ST-R TYPE-S
  • MAX LIFT (mm) : IN 7.62mm / EX 7.56mm
  • 1mm DURATION (degrees) : IN 237 degrees / EX 233 degrees
  • Standard Tappet Clearance (mm): IN 0.11-0.15mm / EX 0.21-0.25mm
  • REQUIRES: Tappet Shim (Suzuki genuine parts)

* Cam timing should be set by a qualified mechanic to ensure proper function. Improper installation or cam timing could result in catastrophic engine failure.

Vehicle Fitment:

  • Suzuki GSX R600 2011
  • Suzuki GSX R600 2012
  • Suzuki GSX R600 2013
  • Suzuki GSX R600 2014
  • Suzuki GSX R600 2015
  • Suzuki GSX R600 2016
  • Suzuki GSX R600 2017