TwinAir Oil Cooler/Cooling System COVER (replacement part) - for Honda 2008 CRF450R

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Cover (replacement part) includes: cover, oil filter, hose for oil cooler 160402

By dramatically lowering the temperature of the oil – and your water temperature accordingly – Twin Air’s patented oil cooler can keep your rides – and your engine – at peak performance longer.

Twin Air’s solution is a revolutionary improvement. Unlike traditional coolant-based approaches that tap into the water cooling system, Twin Air’s design is the first air-cooled driven solution. From a mounting panel behind the radiator, flexible hoses circulate oil to a unique, tubular cooling grill designed to maximize heat exchange.

The cover does not include the heat exchanger, but includes hoses, clamps and oil filter.

The Twin Air Oil Cooler kit includes everything you need – heat exchanger, mounting hardware, oil filter cap, hoses, clamps and step-by-step instructions.