Zeta Armour Alloy Handguards (Set)

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Strong, lightweight aluminum bar design, for everyone's riding style.

Available in 4 hard anodized colours. Black, Titanium, Red and Blue.

Standard Bar size #DF-ZE72-000+


Fat Bar size #DF-ZE72-010+




Plastic guards available separately, so you can mix and match your colours and are available in three sizes. 

Armour X3 Protectors (DF-ZE72-04XX) - available in Blue, Red and Orange.


Armour X2 deflection shields are sold in pairs, separately from the alloy handguard. - available in Blue, CR Red, Black, FL Yellow, Green, Orange and White.


The XC guards are a larger deflector shield for armour handguards and have the option to be used as indicators.

The Zeta XC-Pro Protector are the largest deflector shields.

Replacement bar end adapters (DF-ZE71-7911) and clamps (standard DF-ZE71-1712, long DF-ZE71-1713; oversize DF-ZE71-1612, long DF-ZE71-1613) are also available.


Zeta Handguard Mount - Side Type and Front Type (DF-ZE71-1821/1822) - provide a more durable fitting and prevents rotation of handguards and protects your control levers and throttle in the event of a fall. - Available separately

Zeta BC-mount for KTM's/Husqvarna's/motorcycles with hydraulic clutch and fatbars are also available (DF-ZE71-1831)




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