Zeta Free Piston for KYB Twin Chamber Front Forks

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Replacement free piston kit for KYB AOS (twin chamber) front forks which are made of lightweight aluminium which is more durable than OE free piston.

They are great to use for enduro racing.

Suspension stiffness can be changed and can provide progressive suspension feel by changing the oil lever.

Available in either STD (DF-ZE56-40010) which provides OE suspension feeling or LT (DF-ZE56-40012) which is lightweight and has a less friction design, and provides softer and smooth front fork movement.

Bike Year
CRF450R 09-12
YZ125 06-18
YZ250 06-18
YZ250F 06-18
YZ450F 06-17
YZ125X 17
YZ250X 16-18
YZ250FX 15-18
YZ450FX 16-17
WR250F 15-17
WR450F 12-17
KX450F 07-12
KLX450R 07-16
CR125 10-13
CR150 11
TC250 10-13
TC449 11-13
CR450 10
TXC250 10-13
TXC449 11-13
TXC450 10
TXC510 10
TXC511 11-13