Zeta Pilot Clutch and Brake Levers for Sports Bikes - Zeta Street Range

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The Zeta Pilot Clutch and Brake Levers have been designed for sports bikes and feature:

- High quality CNC levers for sports bikes.
- Folding lever system to preventing lever breakage.
- Short lever arm for sport riding.

Available in black and titanium anodized colours.

Clutch lever types are either L3WA or L3WB's - check the catalogue page in resources for fitments

Brake lever types are either R3WA or R3WB's

NOTE: Part numbers that end in 0 (zero) are titanium colour and part numbers that end in 5 (five) are black

Part numbers are changing as new stock comes in for the Zeta Street Range - new part numbers will start with DF-ZSxx-xxxx instead of DF-ZExx-xxxx