Zeta Pro Armor Hand Guard

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The Zeta Pro Armour Handguards feature:

  • Upgraded armour hand guards for pro rider use
  • Durable plastic hand guard bumpers protect armour hand guard body
  • Comes with durable longer bar and adapter which holds handlebars harder
  • Matching design between handguards' body and bar end adapter prevents rotation of handguards in the event of a fall
  • Use with Zeta handguard mount kits: side, front and BC type for durable fittings (armour handguard replacement clamps can be used with this kit)
  • Mount kits and clamps are NOT supplied.
  • Available in titanium, black and orange anodized colours
  • Replacement handguard bumpers and bar end adapters are available

Plastic guards available separately, so you can mix and match your colours. 

Armour X3 Protectors (DF-ZE72-04XX) - available in Blue, Red and Orange.


Armour X2 deflection shields are sold in pairs, separately from the alloy handguard. - available in Blue, CR Red, Black, FL Yellow, Green, Orange and White.


The XC guards are a larger deflector shield for armour handguards and have the option to be used as indicators.

The Zeta XC-Pro Protector are the largest deflector shields.