ZZZ Series QX-Ring EK Chains for Extreme Sports Bikes - Joining Links

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The ZZZ Series of chains is the pinnacle of chain technology for extreme sports bikes.

• Ultra Strong: The ZZZ chain features a revolutionary new side plate profile that more effectively distributes the load onto the side plate. This innovative design gives the 530ZZZ chain an incredible 11,100lb. tensile strength without increasing weight
(4.85 lbs. per 100 links).

• Lightweight: Lightening holes in the side plates reduce the chain’s overall weight by 3%, without compromising tensile strength. These holes also extend the service life by dissipating heat and helping reduce dirt and mud build-up.

• Zero Stretch: EK’s proprietary Zero Stretch Technology (ZST)* virtually eliminates initial chain stretch. No chain adjustment is needed in the first 1000km of use.


*Zero Stretch Technology which eliminates measurable chain stretch during the first 600 miles of use. ZST puts an end to the hassle of constant chain adjustments after the initial break-in period when most chain stretch occurs. ZST is standard on all ZZZ, RXO and RXO/GP series chains.